Vortex Cabinet Coolers

Protect your Electrical Enclosures against dust, moisture, aggressive gases and high temperatures – cool with compressed air.

Maintenance free alternative to condition your control cabinet / panel without harmful refrigerants.

Accessories for Vortex coolers

To optimize the functioning of the Vortex cooling system, various accessories are available : Side Mount Kit, Thermostat / Hygrostat, Solenoid Valves – Standard or ATEX Version, Compressed Air Conditioning Kits.

Vortex Spot Coolers

The Vortex tubes and spot coolers (point coolers / cold guns) from FIKTECH, with continuously adjustable temperature, are very suitable for cooling down various objects precisely and quickly. Temperature on the cold side can be set to: -40°C.

Air Knifes & Air Cannons​

You may use the powerful elongated air stream of an air knife (also called: blowing knife, air squeegee) to, amongst other things: remove adhering moisture, spread viscous layers, remove dust and waste, cool and as a separation between two spaces / process conditions.

An air cannon functions identically to an air knife, except that it generates an intense cone-shaped air stream.

Accessories for Air Knives & Air Cannons

In addition to Air Knives and Air Cannons, FIKTECH supplies various accessories to build a complete system. This includes: Mounting supports, side channel blowers, anti-static bars, pipe material, suction filters (also HEPA), and air heaters.

Vibrating Bin Aerators

The triple action of FIKTECH’s Vibrating Bin Aerators (also called: fluidization disc, aeration pad, aeration disc) improves the transportation of various bulk products.

Thanks to the design, no specific air pressure is required to aerate the product. Is suitable for all products – including foodstuffs – and is standard equipped with a stainless steel 304 core.

HD-Inline Pneumatic Conveying

FIKTECH’s HD-Inline is a simple and inexpensive solution for transporting a range of products over greater distances using compressed air.

The flow rate can be easily controlled with a pressure regulator. The HD-Inline air conveyors have no moving parts and are available in different materials and sizes, so that they can also be suitable for your application.


The compressed air-driven drum pump FikVacWet is used to suck up various liquids such as: cutting fluids, hydraulic oil, leakage fluids, chemicals, adsorbents, sludge and chips, waste water and slurries in standard 200-litre drums.