Vibrating Bin Aerators

In your production process without any doubt you experience that powders accumulate and stick to the inside of pipes, bunkers, hoppers, silos the like. A simple solution to these problems is the FIKTECH Vibrating Bin Aerator, which mounts easily and – by means of pressurized air – cleans walls, aerates the bulk product and vibrates. Not only do we supply the Vibrating Bin Aerator, but also control unit and solenoid valves.
The triple action of FIKTECH’s Vibrating Bin Aerators (also called: fluidization disc, aeration pad, aeration disc) improves the transportation of various bulk products. Thanks to the design, no specific air pressure is required to aerate the product. Is suitable for all products – including foodstuffs – and is standard equipped with a stainless steel 304 core.
Features and benefits of FIKTECH Vibrating Bin Aerators
  • Sturdy design, easy to assemble, self-cleaning, wear-resistant.
  • Uses low or high pressure air.
  • Temperature range: -40°C – +177°C, intermittent up to 218°C.
  • Diameter 100mm.
  • Minimum installation space, large pressure range.
  • Aerates the product, cleans the wall, vibrates.
  • Separate control with buffer tank/valve combination available as an option.
Applications / Industries
  • For powders and granules, also food grade (silicone rubber – FDA approved / neoprene).
  • Bulk products including: aluminum, ash, barlite, bentonite, carbon black, cement, clay, calcium carbonate, cornflour, cement clinker, diatomaceous earth, fly ash, flour, gypsum, lime, perlite, PVC resin/plastic powders, salt, sand, sodium carbonate, sugar, soap powder, talc.
  • Use in silos, funnels, pipes, breeches, bulk transport, dust collectors, filter installations, IBCs, storage tanks.
  • Chemical, Food, Concrete, Plastics Processing, Foundries, Metalworking etc.