Air Knives & Air Cannons – Accessories

In addition to air knives and air guns, FIKTECH supplies various accessories to build a complete system, including:
Mounting Supports / Brackets:

Mounting air knives can prove to be constructively challenging; several degrees of freedom are required to be able to set the optimal position in relation to the object to be blown off.
To properly attach an air knife to “the world” (construction / machine), there are several solutions available. For longer air knives (in anodized aluminum up to 3.60 meters / stainless steel 316 up to 3.00 meters), which can be equipped with two air supply connections, the standard solution (rod system) is not stable enough, for this you may choose the robust mounting brackets.

Side channel blowers:

A side channel blower works according to the impulse principle. A rapidly rotating impeller transfers energy to the sucked-in air and then presses it into the so-called side channel. This creates a spiral movement of the air in the fan housing. The side channel blower has proven itself as a robust maintenance-free device with a long service life.


Anti-static bars can be used in those places where static charges hinder the production process. Not only employees might make unexpected moves as a result of unexpected electric shocks (dangerous!), environmental dust is also attracted to the product, which can seriously reduce the quality.
The static charge of sheets, webs and other materials is neutralized so that dust particles or labels no longer stick to surfaces.

Pipe material – hoses / bends / distributors / couplings:

Flexible hoses – Abrasion resistant / Microbe resistant / Food grade, bends, etc. serve to simplify the assembly of the various components. Air filters, side channel blowers and air knives all have their own connection dimensions; sometimes inch sizes – sometimes metric connections. FIKTECH often knows how to supply a suitable combination of connection material.

Suction filters:

All side channel blowers are supplied by FIKTECH with a suction filter (equipped with a paper or polyester filter element), and the necessary connection material up to and including the pressure-side hose connection. In specific cases – where very clean blowing air is required – a HEPA filter may be chosen.
The HEPA filter is a general name for high-efficiency filters. The filters have been developed to meet increasingly higher air quality requirements in applications such as the pharmaceutical industry, clean rooms, food industry and electronics (chip/solar panel manufacturing).

Air heaters:

If the production process requires it (such as for evaporation of moisture or maintaining the desired product temperature), an air heater can be used.


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