HD-Inline Pneumatic Conveyor

FIKTECH’s HD-Inline is a simple and inexpensive solution for transporting a range of products over longer distances using compressed air.
The flow rate can be easily controlled with a pressure regulator. The HD-Inline air conveyors have no moving parts and are available in different materials and sizes, so that they can also be suitable for your application.
The HD-Inline Pneumatic Conveyor is a simple and lowcost solution for conveying a broad range of products. Compressed air flows through the inlet (1) into an annular plenum chamber (2). It is then injected into the throat through directed nozzles (3). These jets of air create a vacuum at the intake (4) which draws material in and  accelerates it through the unit (5) at long vertical or horizontal distances(see photo 2).
Features and benefits of the HD-Inline Pneumatic Conveyor
  • Easy assembly, compact construction, no moving parts.
  • Low noise level, low purchase cost.
  • Versions in Aluminium, SS 304 / AISI 304 / 1.4301 and SS 316 / AISI 316 / 1.4401.
  • Connections up to 6” for flexible hose, up to 3” for threaded mounting or flanges.
  • Increases the productivity and availability of machines.
  • Food grade / sanitary versions with Tri-Clamp coupling.
Applications / Industries
  • Transport of granules, tablets, small parts.
  • Tensioning and maintaining fibers/yarns.
  • Removal of (cutting) waste, filling and emptying storage tanks, etc. etc.
  • Plastics, chemical/pharmaceutical products, foodstuffs, sawdust, chips etc.