Vortex Spot Coolers

The Vortex tubes and spot coolers (point coolers / cold guns) from FIKTECH, with continuously adjustable temperature, are very suitable for cooling down various objects precisely and quickly. Temperature on the cold side can be set to: -40°C. These devices convert compressed air to provide an effective and efficient spot cooling solution – for use in a variety of production problems.
Setting the temperature / Cold air fraction:
Setting up a Vortex tube (accuracy +/- 1º C), with constant input temperature and compressed air flow rate, is simple: Place the thermometer in the cold air flow and regulate the desired temperature using the throttling on the warm air side.
Features and benefits of FIKTECH Vortex Spot Coolers
  • Temperature on the cold air side adjustable to -40°C.
  • Temperature on the warm air side adjustable up to +120°C.
  • Instant generation of cold air.
  • Cooling capacity 200 – 820 W, without the use of CFCs (Freon, etc.).
  • Simple assembly, compact construction, no moving parts, maintenance free.
  • Available with magnetic base and flexible hose for easy use.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel, ideal for corrosive and hygienic environments.
Applications / Industries
  • Rapid cooling of tools and workpieces.
  • Cooling of sensors / encoders.
  • CCTV/surveillance cameras.
  • Soldering work / welding.
  • Analysis devices / cooling of gases or liquids.
  • Cooling of glue / hot melt.

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