FikVacWet Drum Pump

The FikVacWet Drum Pump (barrel pump, vacuum pump, suction-pressure pump) is used to suck up various liquids such as: cutting fluids, hydraulic oil, leakage fluids, chemicals, adsorbents, sludge and chips, waste water and slurries in standard 200 liter drums.
Thanks to the high negative pressure, one may can fill a drum in less than two minutes (water). With a simple push of the adjustment button of the FikVacWet you can also quickly empty the same drum with compressed air.
The FikVacWet only uses compressed air and has no moving parts, and therefore requires little maintenance. An automatic safety device (float valve) prevents overfilling of the barrel. The FikVacWet can be used with an undamaged steel drum with a nominal thickness of at least 1.0 mm.  A built-in overpressure protection limits the overpressure in the vessel to a maximum of 48 kPa.
Features and benefits of FikVacWet Drum Pump
  • Manufactured from stainless steel 316 / AISI 316 / 1.4401.
  • Vacuum: max. 27 kPa.
  • Overpressure: max. 48 kPa.
  • Air consumption: 540 Nl/min. @ 5.5 bar(O).
  • Suction flow: water – 110 l/min. / hydraulic oil – 35 l/min.
  • Noise level: 75 dB(A) @ 1 meter – free field conditions.
  • Standard scope of delivery: vacuum/pressure pump, ball valve, standpipe, angle swivel coupling, flexible hose and stainless steel nozzle.
Applications / Industries
  • Vacuum up coolants.
  • Empty tanks.
  • Cleaning up spilled liquids.
  • EDM machines.
  • Chemical, Food, Foundry, Metalworking etc.