Fiktech “Slimline” Vortex Control Cabinet Coolers

Fiktech B.V. introduces the “SlimLine” series of IP66 Vortex Control Cabinet Coolers.

Fiktech’s “SlimLine” Series features a patented elastic sealing system that is more reliable than conventional solutions (such as spring-loaded check valves).

It is not easy to develop a Vortex Cabinet Cooler that meets the strict requirements of IEC 60529 (IP – Ingress Protection) and the NEMA Standards. NEMA-4X – Enclosures are constructed for both indoor and outdoor installations, including corrosion protection (SS304 or SS316 material), to provide protection against falling debris, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, water jets, and must not be damaged by the external formation of ice on the housing.

A disadvantage of some Vortex coolers is that, to ensure the IP66 integrity of a control cabinet, a spring-loaded non-return valve is used. Due to material fatigue, the spring force decreases or the spring breaks – resulting in malfunction.

Fiktech has a suitable solution for these disadvantages. The reliable elastic sealing ring in the “SlimLine” Vortex Cooler is virtually indestructible. The elastic seals guarantee the degree of protection IP66 / NEMA-4X of your valuable switch box/control panel.