Accessories for Vortex coolers

Many control cabinets are placed in an “unfriendly” environment. This means that sensitive electrical and other components (such as controllers, PLCs, Fieldbus systems, etc.) are exposed to dust, moisture, corrosive gases and excessive heat. The FIKTECH Vortex Coolers flush the control cabinet under a slight overpressure, provide cooling and dehumidification.
To optimize the functioning of the Vortex cooling system, various accessories are available:
Side Mount Kit:

This allows a Vortex Enclosure Cooler to be mounted against the side of a cabinet if it is placed under the ceiling or a structure with limited space.

Thermostat / Hygrostat:

If a thermostat is used to control the solenoid valve, it should be mounted in the hottest part of the enclosure.
Since a Vortex Cooler generates dry air (<45% relative humidity), it can be used to dry the inside of the control cabinet. In these cases, a hygrostat might be used.

Solenoid valves – standard or in ATEX version:

The compressed air supply to the Vortex cooler can be easily switched on and off by means of a solenoid valve.
If a control cabinet / panel is set up in an ATEX environment, the solenoid valve – when mounted outside the control cabinet – must meet the applicable requirements with regard to zoning and gas/dust tightness.
Continuous cabinet flushing (purging): The solenoid valve is modified and always allows approx. 20 Nl/min to pass through – so the control cabinet remains under constant overpressure. This prevents the penetration of dust and moisture with minimal use of compressed air.

Compressed air quality:

The compressed air must be filtered. Vortex coolers operate for years without any maintenance once oil particles, rust and other contaminants have been removed from the compressed air stream. Therefore, use a combined water separator / filter (5 micron) / reducer combination, equipped with a pressure gauge. This should be placed as close as possible to the Vortex cooler. If oil is present in the compressed air supply, an additional oil separator must be installed in the line.


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