Engineering & Consultancy

FIKTECH focuses primarily on solving those specific (process-related) technical issues for which the knowledge of a company’s own engineering or maintenance department lacks the knowledge.

FIKTECH is brand independent, practical, cost-conscious (advice based on Total Cost of Ownership), solution-oriented and works with a “No-nonsense” attitude. Due to our broad knowledge of many industrial sectors (metal – plastics – wood – chemistry – Pharma – food – cement – concrete – foundries – metalworking – machine building – metallization, etc.), we contribute and share ideas and solutions that are common good in one sector and often unknown in the other sector.

Instruction and Training in your company
Students visit a company – Vortex Cabinet Cooling
What can FIKTECH do for you?
  • Raising awareness of possibilities to improve the production process / process installation.
  • Inventory of the problems / where are the bottlenecks?
  • Developing a step-by-step plan / reporting of discussions.
  • Time planning / calculation / budgeting / requesting and issuing quotations.
  • Engineering / Pre-engineering / Project supervision / coordination.
  • Support your Purchasing Department / delivery of materials.
  • Selection installation company.
  • Evaluation / Reporting.
  • Training / education of employees.
When do you use FIKTECH’s support?
  • Cooling of switch cabinets / control cabinets / panels, to be placed in an “unfriendly” environment – also ATEX.
  • Cooling specific objects.
  • Making choices when applying air knives / air guns.
  • Dedusting of industrial production processes.
  • On-site testing.
  • Cleaning / drying / cooling in your production process.
  • Pneumatic transport / mechanical transport.
  • Improvement of working conditions / healthier climate / safety.
  • Emission reduction.
  • Knowledge transfer / training.