Air Knives

You may use the powerful elongated air stream of an air knife (also called: blowing knife, air squeegee, Air Flow Booster, Air Curtain) to, amongst other things: remove adhering moisture, spread viscous layers, remove dust and waste, cool and as a separation between two spaces / process conditions.
An air cannon functions identically to an air knife, except that it generates an intense cone-shaped air stream.
Features and Benefits of FIKTECH Air Knives & Air Cannons
  • Effective way to blow, dry, cool and clean, amongst other things.
  • Easily adjustable and controllable (with compressed air or side channel blower / blower).
  • Evenly distributed airflow, high speeds (up to 200 m/s) and blow-off force.
  • Material: Aluminum and stainless steel 304/316.
  • Standard lengths and specials available.
  • Straight and round versions.
  • Easy assembly, no moving parts, practically indestructible.
Applications / Industries
  • Blow off liquids from various objects.
  • Removal of dust particles, smoke, vapor, oil.
  • Separation of different process conditions / spaces.
  • Cooling and/or drying of components with different dimensions.
  • Opening bags for automatic filling installations etc.
  • Sorting and separation installations (waste / ore / foodstuffs, etc.).